Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holidays

I have been such a SLACKER with this blog!!!! One of my New Year's Resolutions is going to be to keep up with this better! We have been so busy around here, it's just crazy! Manze started preschool this year (K3). She goes ALL DAY and wears a uniform! She has to be at school by 7:45 and she is done at 2:00. She goes to after school until I get off work and pick her up! She has gotten so big and independent! I'm so excited for her but sad at the same time! My baby is growing up! She LOVES her teacher Mrs. Montgomery and we love her too! I went to New York over Thanksgiving with some girlfriends and had a blast (pics to come)! I'm still monogramming away and really loving it! Tommy got a new job at UMC. He is over the Pharmacy and is in charge of buying the drugs for the pharmacy. We are so excited to be on Christmas break and to finally have some time to relax! We had a little elf come visit us for the first time this year and Manze is just enamored with him! She named him Drew Brees...can you tell we are Saints fans at our house! My goal is to catch up with blogging and clean house these two weeks! Here are a few
pictures to start with!
Manze on her first day of Preschool in August!
Teresa and I in Times Square in NEW YORK CITY Thanksgiving week!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Top Row: MSU shirt; Paw Print with Cougars monogrammed across, Megaphone
Middle Row: Eagles applique in USM colors; Jersey shirt for a mom to wear with her son's football number appliqued on it; shirt with son's number and school name
Bottom Row: shirt with son's number and school name; MSU Football shirts

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Christmas in July Shopping Event

Click on the picture to make it larger! I hope you can join us and bring a friend!! Copy the picture and post it on your blogs my blogging friends! :o)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to blogging

This summer has already been so busy! After school got out I taught camp invention for a week at my school. Manze started science camp and Mothers Morning Out (MMO). She will be doing cheer camp later this month, then we will be going to the beach next month! I've been a major blogger slacker! I found out at the end of the school year that my teaching license expired in June! I was freaking out! I thought I was okay and that my National Boards would carry me for another 5 years! I was so wrong! So, I've been taking an online class and computer classes offered by my school district! Plus, I'm monogramming away and trying to clean up and organize my house (those of you who know me are laughing at me right now and wondering if I even know how to organize...ha, ha). We've made it out to my parent's house to swim and we've just relaxed! It's been a nice summer so far! Next chance I get I will post pictures of Science Camp and Manze's hair cut (you can tell in the first picture that I had it cut her shoulders).

Manze's first day at MMO with her friends Richard, Wes, and Emma! They all ended up in the same class!
Manze and her teacher Mrs. Julie! Julie teaches with me and I was so excited to hear Manze was going to be in her class this summer!

Here are some misc. pictures! Manze got into my purse (she loves to do that...I really need to hide it) and put on my lip gloss!

Manze and her daddy made me a cake for Mother's Day!

Dance Recital

Manze took dance for the first time at Miss Rhonda's and had a great time. She had her recital a couple of weeks ago and it was intersting. During rehersals she danced away. In the audience before she went on stage, she danced away. On stage, she STOOD STILL!!!! After the recital in the parking lot, she danced away! Go figure! Tommy and I were very proud of her and she looked precius in her "Sleeping Beauty" tutu!

Manze and Emma dancing in the audience
She was not happy that I had to leave her backstage before she went on, so I told her if she stayed back stage like a good girl I would get her ice cream after her recital! See next picture for results!
Happy face now that she gets ice cream!
Here she is on stage doing the one thing she did (sleeping like sleeping beauty)
Poppy brought her roses

Mommy, Daddy, and Manze
Dancing in the parking lot
showing off her trophy and roses
Eating her ice cream that was promised!

Swim Lessons

Manze took swim lessons with Miss Lou again this year and had a blast! My parents built a pool at their house last Spring so we have been swimming a lot since last summer! I was so proud of Manze and how well she was swimming...she was a certified fish!
Manze and Emma

Minnie had to come to swim lessons and watch Manze!

Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm having a giveaway at my monogramming site, Ballpoint Designs! If you would like to win an appliqued/monogrammed shirt or tank go to my site and enter to win! The winner will be announced Friday! Here are some pictures of things I have done recently!